Friday, May 30, 2008

Romantic Love

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides."

To experience the love from another and feel the same intensity of love for them, is nothing less than a miracle.

Romantic Love, one could say, is an illusion or as Oscar Wilde once said , "...a kind of madness."

But if you've ever experienced romantic love, particularly later in your life, it's a dream, a drama, so intense, and all so beautiful.

One wakes up of a morning and they're the first thought of the day: When will I see her, how was her evening, and, of course the thought of making love; kissing or simply holding hands on a brisk morning stroll.

To feel "butter flies" in one's stomach just before picking her up for a dinner date, even though you've been together for a year, and offering flowers at the door for no other reason other than the fact that it makes her happy, is a pure joy.

The cynical will say that romantic love is fleeting and only lasts so long, then the relationship becomes a routine.

This is not entirely true for some because that spark or burning passion never goes away.

Romance, if true, can last a life time.

Every kiss is like the first kiss, every meeting is a new beginning; and making love is different and more wonderful and passionate every time.

I've known couples who have been married for 30 years and continue to hold hands, and the occasional kiss on the cheek while watching the TV or at the movies.

Simply being in each other's space is pure joy and a kind of happiness that only Love can create.

Romance, love and devotion still exists...and it is a miracle.


tatli nese said...

agree,like your thought :))

gitanjali said...

i do feel the same for someone but he does not!

cameronsharpe said...

Romantic love has the intensity, engagement and sexual chemistry that passionate love has, minus the obsessive component," the lead author of the paper, Bianca P. Acevedo, said in a news release. "Passionate or obsessive love includes feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. This kind of love helps drive the shorter relationships but not the longer ones."